Figment Paradise

by The Revenge Project

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Max Pain - Vocals
Staffa - Guitars, Vocals
Deimoz - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, Sampling
Articorse - Bass, Vocals
N. Kustev - Drums


released October 16, 2015

Produced by Staffa and The Revenge Project
Recorded at Revenge Studio in January - May 2015
Mixed and mastered by Staffa in Revenge Studio, May-June 2015
All music, lyrics and arrangements by The Revenge Project
Cover picture by Bojidar Chantarski
Cover artwork and layout by Svetoslav Vassilev

"Figment Paradise" is dedicated to all of you who supported us through thick and thin during the last 15 years. You know who you are. Thank you!

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2015 The Revenge Project
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The Revenge Project Burgas, Bulgaria

The Revenge Project, one of the most influential death metal bands in Bulgaria, was founded in 2000 as a side project of several musicians, well known for their work in some top-flight Bulgarian metal bands.

They have four full-length albums released to date:
The Dawn of Nothingness (2005)
Through Blood and Ashes (2008)
The Neverending (2012)
Figment Paradise (2015)
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Track Name: Redeemers And Believers
Welcome to a world of confusion and dismay
Where past is present and all progress goes astray
The Earth is flat and always will be
Future is bright and it looks just like this

Wars, plagues and horrors
Landscape of corpses blood and rotting flesh
Body and soul are shattered
Body and soul exist no more

History repeats for the worse every time
Modern warfare cast upon the human kind
Diseases cured and diseases yet to discover
Obliteration ‘till the day it is all over

Wars, plagues and horrors
Landscape of corpses blood and rotting flesh
Body and soul are shattered
Body and soul exist no more

Religions – to keep you apart
Society – a hollow idea
Afterlife – the ultimate lie
Same old story again and again

History repeats and it is getting worse and worse
Extinction underway when all control is lost
People are dying for their gods, their redeemers
And gods are dead when there are no more believers
Track Name: The End Of Days
I see the waves of blood
Sweeping everything
Isee black clouds covering the sun
The life will fade away
No hope for all of us
I see the twilight of mankind

Shadows will dwell on the earth
When life and death are just the same
Darkness and cold are everywhere
This is the end of our days

I hear the hopeless screams
Of thousand dying souls
I feel their pain
I sense the smell of death
Which path lead us here on the edge of nothingness
Which god wants us to die


Sin after sin
We build the way
We build the bridge to oblivion
Step by step
We are so close
We are so close to the end


The end of days
Track Name: Road To Revenge

They don't care about your life
They keep talking only lies

What is the difference
Between revenge and justice
Is there justice in revenge
This is the question
Which keeps me awake at night
This is the pain in my heart

Now i'm thinking of revenge
And i shall dig two graves
One for me that's for sure
But the other is for you

It's for you

I have nothing i've lost everything
They left me here in misery
They took my dreams they took my future
There is only anger left inside


Trust once lost-you can not find
Heart once broken-you can't repair
Soul once hurt-you can not heal
Blood once spilled-wants to be avenged
Track Name: Son Of Abyss
Denial is not an option
You're also one of them
Many like you stood in my way
Many wanted me to die

Completion of a mission
A mission of my own
And when I'm finished here
A new religion shall be born

I am the son of abyss
My eyes see black and white
Black as the eternal shadows
White as the coffin nails

What made you so pathetic
Which power killed your dreams
Now that you're weak and worthless
You will face your new sweet Lord

"To each his own", you utter
"To each his own", you crave
But since I bought you soul for nothing
You'll forever be my slave

Instincts and intuition
Is my way to keep you down
And by means of repetition
Every truth will come undone
Track Name: The Chosen One
Prisoner of the limitations of my thinking
A place from which I cannot escape
My dear friends become my enemies
Life for me changed from bad to worse

I think I found salvation
Ready to kill at every occasion
I preach morals I don’t understand
Ready to sacrifice peace on demand

A whole new world to discover
Something I have sought all my life
A truth not known by others
Wisdom I shall reveal to the world


What truth am I referring to?
My own or someone else’s?
Which slavery I fight against
when my own freedom’s taken

Whose lives deserve to be
Robbed, blown, ruined just like that
By the god-loving preacher
Ma-ni-ac and psychopath

I think I found salvation
Ready to kill at every occasion
I preach morals I don’t understand
Ready to sacrifice peace on demand

The slumber I am in is darker than night
And I don’t want to wake from this nightmare.
No return from the bleak paradise
Where God is standing right before my eyes

Track Name: Monument of Hatred
I build the monument of hatred
Right here on the dead remains of love
I'm standing proud waiting for the storm
i know i will not survive this time

My monument of hatred

All my life i'm searching for the evidence
Of humanity and pure true love
I'm looking for the signs of morality
And here i find another form of hell

Wake up no one cares about you
Look around and tell me what you see
True love another big deception
I build the monument of hatred

Look at these stone walls
Do you see the strong foundations
They are built in every human heart
They are part of the monument of hatred


I build the monument of hatred
Right here deep in every soul
On top i put the one who deserves it
I put the human being
Track Name: Rise Up
From day one on this planet
You’re a part of a master plan
Like a pawn in a chess game
You’re up to sacrifice

Your life is not worth shit
Your face does not exist
Orders are to be followed
Your existence is complete

Rise up, thrones are falling
Rise up, fight the tyrant
Rise up, be your own god
Rise up, never give up

History of kings and servants
History of war and peace
But the rich are getting richer
And the poor live in the dirt

Mass infections and pandemic
Billions extinct like flies
Luxury is epidemic
Being human makes no sense


End of an era
To break the system before it crushes you
It is now or never
It takes a day for them to get the upper hand
and fucking bring you down

End the oppression NOW
Track Name: Figment Paradise
Beyond the stone walls
Deep down the stiff soil
A seed is waiting
To grow a lightning

Longing for immortality
In the darkest dream of your insanity
Longing for salvation
When there is no hope no expectations

Keep on longing for the end
We’re all going there someday
Life is slowly passing by
To a figment paradise

Visions endearing
Of love and caring
So close yet distant
Perverse and twisted

My feelings are pagan and false and my words are a blasphemy
But your faith is absurd and you’re nothing but a dog on a leash
Your morals are foul and you are destroying your destiny
Yet you choose to believe someone’s words because you’re destined to be
Blind forever